Evil Squirrel Entertainment wants to protect your privacy. As such we don’t collect personally identifiable content except listed below.

  • Unique device identifier generated from the device including but not limited to 1) ID for Advertisers (iOS); 2) Google Advertising ID (Google).
  • Platform (automatic)
  • Device (automatic)
  • OS major (automatic)
  • OS minor (automatic)
  • IP address (automatic) – used to infer country information
  • Install timestamp: it is the timestamp of the first event received from the app integrated with GameAnalytics, for that user
  • Boot-up timestamp: it is the timestamp of when a user boots up a game

However, the software used to develop the apps does keep analytical data about your app usage and is covered in the Corona Labs’ privacy policy for app developers.

Some games use Apple’s Game Center and is covered by Apple’s Terms and Conditions for Game Center. Some games use Google’s Google Play Games Service, or in-app purchases from those services. See each game’s privacy policy for more details. Some games will use various analytics tracking such as Game Analytics.